Perhaps it’s the collaboration of the rise of digital screen use propagating sedentary productivity vs. what the physical form of the human being is designed to do that the term “self-care” has gained traction. For a some few it’s revered to not partake because they are “that busy”. What has changed in the context of our lives that we now need even self-care? Did the farmers of the 40’s who plowed 12 hour days not need self-care? Did pioneer men and women rolling on rickety wagons across Kansas not need self-care? The modern-day human has now declared this self-care notion as this sliver of the day, an hour in the week week, or worse, a year. It’s become a thing we have to schedule or carve out. Sometimes it’s simplified as a meme in an inspirational social media post translucently juxtaposed over a mystical forrest image for you to catch thumbing about your phone when riding the crowded stinky bus you barely made on the way to the airport. Indeed, self-care of recent day is as risk of becoming akin to a pair of hipster pants for the “progressive” individual.

So what is self-care?

While self-care has morphed into a social palatable trite effort, it really should be about balancing skewed lifestyles and its impacts to our physical, emotional and spiritual forms of Self. Back to the farmer of the 40’s who plowed a field all day everyday, he or she was a human exposed to the elements of all things a naturally mortal is subjected to from thermal extremes, natural light or darkness, the aching back that regardless still needs to finish the work to the feeling of true hunger after honest caloric output and sweat. For the most part we have lost the daily encompassment of human emotion, real physical productive output or input, and receiving the fruits of our labor have been replaced with auto bank deposits and online shopping. Our eyes and fingers are now the hardest working things in our whole entire body. These are the elements that produce the need for “self-care” because self-care is our attempt to squeeze in, honor, and “catch up” the physical and emotional conditions we typically ignore the rest of the day. Intentional efforts of self-care remind us to shift gears. We call it self-care because subconsciously we are aware that the rest of how we are spending our modern day time is likely not that healthy for our selves.

It goes without saying that there’s only one of you. If you don’t take the time for routine care, your engines will falter. Pains, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, forgetfulness, irritably or moodiness are all potential signs that you’re needing to slow your roll and re-calibrate.

The take-away from this is that self-care, despite how it’s evolved or devolved, serves each of us to receive good natured healthy nourishment. Often times it is massage, acupuncture, or maybe a personal trainer. Maybe it’s committing to a workout schedule. Or maybe you try that much harder to remember to take those damn vitamins in the morning. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re of the mind that self-care is best served in a martini glass or two or three with the crew after a grueling work week. Whatever it is, we are likely looking to unravel what our daily life tangles. To reconnect not what we are supposed to be, but what we are and always will be. It’s a reminder that it’s not just all about search engine optimization. We’re all still but a human being staring down at the screens and doing so way more than we should. So what steps do you take to boost your SEO?