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Running Solo

The Benefits Of Running By Yourself

While running with someone or in a group has its appeals, there are also some important factors in being a solo runner when you hit the trail (or pavement) here in Colorado. While Boulder has several running groups and places to meet others for a trot- many favor going at it alone. It’s a great time to be quiet, check in with your own thoughts, and find your own rhythm- literally and figuratively.

A bonus to running solo is one that many people might not think about- running at your own pace and being present with where you are at during your run can also prevent injury, or encourage quicker healing during an injury. Running with one or two other people generally means you are having to find an agreed pace. While this might be achievable, sometimes it’s really not. Repeatedly trying to slow up or go faster than your body is content with, alters your pace and your stride, putting you in a gait that’s actually not doing you any favors. This means more tension on tendons and muscles- esp. the small muscle groups that don’t have the umph larger ones have. This can either create injury, recreate a preexisting one or hinder the recovery of one. You always want to go your own pace. Having running partners is sometimes the distraction we are looking for- as some might feel bored running and so they welcome the company but it’s also that distraction that can, if we aren’t mindful, create an injury. Running with others can take away our focus on the breathe and our form. It also distracts us from subtle cues of aches or pains and we might either not notice them or be more apt to not pay attention to them if/when they surface.

For these reasons, if any of my acupuncture patients are down and out with an injury, I always recommend logging miles on their own during the healing process. Boulder trails are full of great views for your distraction anyway!