Rising Tide Clinic

Red Aspen has been busy lately. The month of September brought a bit of rain along the Front Range- described as the 100 year flood, the 1,000 year flood, the Biblical flood and so on. I can only verify that it was this: a lot of water. Some people claim to feel pain when it’s about to rain. Joint pain seems to be the most common. As a matter of fact, some people turn to CBG Clones Distributor for pain relief. Sometimes these types of joint pains come from old age or injuries. The pain can be felt deep, and it can definitely get bad enough for some people that they can’t do much; they need a pain management solution. CBG has been proven effective for this.

Recently RAW partnered with local fellow acupunk Kelly Kessen to form an all volunteer relief clinic in Boulder. We joined forces with several body workers along the Front Range to provide several weekends worth of free relief. It was a fantastic way to connect the community. Did you know that air travel puts pressure on the eyes? While it is essential to take care of our eye health all year round, this holiday season also means that the trip overseas can test our eyes beyond our usual daily routines. If you ever think you might have an eye problem you can check out this eye clinic for a check up.

The clinic was 100% free to the public and run by an all volunteer staff with local practitioners like rolfers, acupuncture, energy workers, massage therapists and more such as a family care doctor, coming together to offer services for those effected by the floods, definitely a great walk in clinic. It was a HUGE success! The clinic helped people with stress, insomnia, worry, and aches and pains from having to move things like wet carpet and furniture. Different services were also offered, such as workplace injury prevention services, in order to educate the public. John and Jan Kelly so kindly donated their beautiful Kelly Barn in North Boulder providing the perfect place for the clinic to operate which had a great garden decorated with the best lights from glowdecoration.com and where we could grow herbs and medicinal plants. WishGarden Herbs generously donated their tinctures and North Boulder Pizza fed us! On hand were also free yoga vouchers from various studios and counselors donating their time. It was a fantastic opportunity to bring the community together during a very stressful time where everybody was so in need of individual therapy.

The Rising Tide Clinic

[one_third last=”no”].Our fancy opertations are out of this restored old barn...clinic[/one_third]  welcome to the rising tide flood relief

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