Free short video about selecting an air purifier.


    Air filtration is an increasing need as the world is gaining more chemicals and chemical cocktails. Some of this we can control with very simple consumer modifications. For example: according to NOAA research chemicals that evaporate from consumer products like sunscreen, shampoo, hair gel, bug spray, perfume and scented garbage bags, make up 42% of human-caused volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere above Boulder, Colorado. In dense cities like New York, these scented consumer products make up 78% of the total of ozone-causing compounds. In other instances we can’t immediately control our pollution, such as the world experiencing more and larger wildfires, and the pollution that comes with increasing global warming.

    This quick video/PDF is for anyone looking to find the right air purifier for their needs.  It covers types of air filters from charcoal to UV lights and what they can filter. The last thing anyone wants to do is invest in the wrong filtration or the wrong size rendering it ineffective or partially effective. Or they purchase one that was cheaper up front but ends up costing hundreds more on the filter replacements year after year.




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