Mold and Mycotoxins: Understanding Mold Toxicity and Occurrences in Buildings and Human Health



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About the Instructor:
I myself have academically, financially, emotionally, and personally lived out mold toxicity; all while also having Lyme. At rock bottom I couldn’t work for months. My journey as a healthcare practitioner did not start this way. As a reflection of my own free time as a rock climber, backpacker, and long distance runner, my practice was focused on ortho/sports/pain until my stars realigned and I crashed. This runner went from 10 + miles to barely able to walk. Without much choice, I got what feels like another degree in the world of toxicity and stealth infections. I can say with gratitude I have made a near full recovery (no jinx). This is not to say I am “back to my old self”. No one comes out of this kind of trauma the same. Since then I have clinically assisted other providers and patients in navigating the faint blueprint of mold issues.
The greatest chaos as patients or providers in the mold rabbit hole is not knowing what we don’t know, or placing too much weight on a lab value, or insisting on what others say is right/best for you at that time. So many gaps that can yield great consequences, and expensive, timely ones.

Who this is for:
This is for anyone wanting to understand mold and mold toxicity whether they are brand new or familiar to the subject. This will span different terminology and scenarios for patients and different providers. My goal here is to supply what is hard to find: a blueprint to who/how/what/why of mold in ourselves and building environment.

What this event is about:
This will be an extremely thorough intro to approaching mold and toxicity from how mold can manifest hidden in buildings to health impacts and how to address them. This is designed for you to be able to walk away with a more organized understanding about a very complex misunderstood area of building and human health.
The 1st 30 minutes will cover mold basics. Topics will include:

  • Black Mold Basics
  • Species Highlight/Characteristics
  • Common Structural Vulnerabilities That Promote Toxic Mold (hint: it’s hardly just leaky plumbing)
  • Climates And Black Mold Risks
  • Home/Office Building Tests For Mold
  • Tools To Mitigate And Monitor Home Health And Mold
  • Remediation Nitty Gritty
  • Post-Remediation Efforts And Concepts

Then we will have a 15 minute or so Q/A
The 2nd half will shift into the human health aspect with the following topics:

  • Nuances and Tendencies of Mold Influence Such as Gender, Pets, EMF’s etc. 
  • Symptoms and Systems Impacted Such as Neuro, Emotional, Muscular-skeletal and more
  • Coinfections and Complications 
  • Testing and Labs 
  • Treatment Approaches
  • Resources 

Ending with another 15 minute or so Q/A
A PDF download of covered resources discussed during the class will be emailed to you prior to the class. Refunds are not available. The call will be recorded so if you are suddenly not able to attend, the link will be sent to you.









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