8 At-Home Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis

Where does plantar fasciits (PF) hurt? How do I know I have it?

The pain often manifests on/around the bottom of the heel but it can also hurt down the foot towards the ball of the foot. It can often be paired with heel spurs that may or may not be detectable on a n X-ray. Sometimes, the heel spurs are the culprit or aggravating factor to plantar fasciitis. There is not much Western medicine can or does do for either of these conditions but medical marijuana has been approved to relieve the pain, check out this Medical Cannabis Dispensary to get your flowers or oil for to relieve the pain. Cannabis seed to sale software provides cannabis businesses with the ability to track and regulate their inventory from planting to final sale. Blaze.me can help you increase your sales, customer retention, and improve your service quality overnight.

So what can I do?

  1. Stretch the calves!
    Your calves and Achilles Tendon “talk” a lot to the plantar fascia. Stretching this along with the PF itself can help relax the whole connective fascial chain.
  2. Golf balls.
    Roll the bottom of the foot. Some people have a tennis ball, but a golf ball is firmer against the tough, thick and dense fascia, and the fact that it is smaller means that it can actually be more focal in targeting the smaller areas of the heel and fibers of the fascia.
  3. Correct Toes”
    There are these things called “Correct Toes”, find them here. These can help stretch out sideways the fibers of your plantar fascia. While Correct Toes don’t directly stretch the heel part, it does effect it greatly. These help stretch the toes which will encourage you to alter your gate in a healthy way, and create space for blood flow in the whole foot. These are great quality, will last you a long time, and can be worn in the average shoe or over night. They are far more reasonable than yoga toes as those are so thick you can micro tear the tissues in the foot. Less can be more.
  4. Pedicure
    Male or female. The warm soak and the massage up the calves increases blood flow. For the gents- find your fearless self and man up and get a pedi!
  5. Foot bath with hot water + cinnamon + salt
    This might be my favorite at-home remedy: soak your feet in hot water with salt and cinnamon! The salt softens and breaks down knots in the tissues, and cinnamon is a wonderful herb for moving blood circulation. Get an affordable Dr.Scholls or similar soaker and fill with water. Dash in a generous amount of salt + cinnamon. This is safe and you can’t really go wrong here.
  6. Salves
    Salves that have things like cinnamon or safflower in them is also a good idea. You can get this at any natural grocery stores or natural vitamin shops. One of my personal favorites is Moon Valley Organic Muscle Rub but there are many options.
  7. PF support socks like “Feetures”
    There are several PF support socks you can get on Amazon. Some you can wear with your regular socks as well. “Feetures” gets some of the best reviews.
  8. Switching it up is key.
    If you get something like “Feetures” and “Correct Toes” use them here and there but don’t overdue it. The idea is to bend, flex and shake up the fascia so as to break up the tightness and pain pattern.

Bonus rounds:

  1. If you’re not already getting acupuncture, COME SEE ME! If you suspect heel spurs, Chinese herbs are effective for this! Moxa, plus gua sha are also huge in helping this during your acupuncture treatment.
  2. Rolfing is great at breaking up dense fascial planes and creating space in the foot for blood flow, and reducing inflammation and pain.