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Needle Free Allergies! 3 Easy Natural Ways To Ease The Pollen Predicaments.

                      You Might Have Noticed, It’s Allergy Season.

Here are 4 facts of curiosity and what you can do about your hayfever.
As predicted due to weather patterns, allergy season is strong this year. There are two primary “seasons”, and they tend to be in the spring and the fall for most people.1. What’s pollinating?
Along the front range, mostly trees. If you’re suffering right now it’s possibly due to an Elm, Juniper or Maple allergy. Look forward to grasses and weeds later on.
2. Can acupuncture help?
Yes. It can reduce the inflammation response in the system and support your adrenals (stress response which has a direct relationship with immune systems) however I think diet it a huge element here and is a must to mind in addition to anything or treatment one does.
3. Great, what does that mean?
Minding your diet is thinking like this: food as medicine- It’s the most empowered and cost effective source of health and medicine hands down. We all have to spend $ on food- so why not make it count? Why spend money on foods that make us have to spend more money because of their side effects bringing us down? So here’s the deal:
~ foods like dairy are awful triggers for phlegm and inflammation. Ask any singer about their relationship with milk. Each time you eat cheese or ice scream just think of that yummyness heading right for your itchy eyes, phlegm in the throat and runny nose.
~ fried foods are just never recommended- these are possibly the least nutrient filled waste of calories you can consume.
~ Gluten, the aged old gluten speech. Yep, it’s sadly an inflammatory food. And yes, they clog and bog your immune system that’s hanging on by a thread during allergy season. Plus pastas and breads have sugars in them which gleefully leads us to…
~Sugars esp. refined sorts in Cokes, most sweets etc. are like dairy, this is just B-lining right for your weak spots during allergic attacks. It has been said that just a small amount of sugar can suppress the immune system for up to 5 hours. Considering we put sugar in EVERYTHING (I just read my organic smooth peanut butter jar has added sugar in it) we are basically beating our immune systems to a pulp 24/7.
4. What can I do?
~Simply reducing the above (some need to eliminate to see results or ((me)) need to cut cold turkey to avoid binging on cheese- though-I-have-no-idea-who-would-do-that) can really help. REALLY help. For me, gluten is not as big of a trigger as dairy but for someone else this may be different. I also suspect that different allergens will respond to different foods.
~ Increasing Omega-3’s has had positive reports. Supplement, or food sources include walnuts, flaxseed, oregano, broccoli, strawberries, salmon.
~Adirsin is a homepoathic remedy (I sell it! Only because I have liked it and it works faster than allergy meds, and is all natrual). This reduces nearly all symptoms and is in tablet form for $25.
~ Netti pot/nasal irrigation have been shown to help as well for some people. These clean the nose and pathways of the triggers that make you feel like the dookie are you. These are $10-15 at any pharmacy.So there you have it- your most cost effective, readily available, healthiest ways to prevent your next sneeze attacks.