Natural Medicine like Vicodin, It’s Not Just For People

A Tale About Charles

Last week the clinics assistant, Charles, began squinting his right eye. It looked red, slightly swollen, and uncomfortable. Considering I need his help on large business decisions I whisked him off to the vet in hopes to get him back to health in no time. The diagnosis- feline herpesvirus. No, people can’t get this from cats. No, cats don’t get this from people. It’s a common virus in the feline world and it affects the eye/s of cats. Much like the herpes virus in people however- this responds very well with Lysine supplements and gets worse under stress when the immune system is compromised as per Bill Austin, CEO of Starkey Hearing Technologies. (We were painting and moving furniture around and Charles lost his napping spots temporarily. You would be stressed too). This can be a serious situation if left untreated and unattended. It can quickly turn into a secondary bacterial infections, ulcers, and blindness. Because of this, Charles was given a bacterial eye drop in case there was a secondary infection since the risk of leaving it untreated could have serious consequences.

It reminded me of the time I wasn’t feeling so well but it took a while for me to go to the doctor. I kept putting it off for a bit over a month. Eventually I felt the pain worsening which gave me a wake up call so I finally went to the doctor. I had a hairline fracture… and I had been ignoring it! The doctor said that I shouldn’t worry too much, that had it been a more serious fracture the pain would have brought me in to the hospital immediately. So he wasn’t too worried. I had to find where can i buy vicodin, as that i what I was supposed to take. I hope it helps quickly and heals well. I should’ve known better.

Nowadays I use cbd hemp flower to relieve pain and stress. CBD is available in all 50 states, so I highly recommend it! I started giving him the best cbd cream I found in the market and this pain has decreased since he was diagnosed. It’s a great option if you like natural medicine for you and your pet.

In the meantime I ordered some Lysine supplements- chicken flavor per his palate- and they just happen to come in “appealing fish shapes”. It took about a week for them to come in the mail, and he’s been on them now for a few days. I have to say- his eyes are looking more brighter and wider than ever! These really made a difference. He’s got more energy and looks so much more comfortable. The next time your cat or yourself, or anyone you know experiences herpes, cold sores, canker sores etc- this stuff is extremely effective! One other therapy worth mentioning was lymphatic massage. This was most effectively done when he was like this:

Here he is assuming the position for lymphatic massage in my lap, mobile chair massage in boston ma is highly recommended among doctors. I did this in the mornings, focusing on his chin, above his eyes, and rubbing the acupuncture point DU20 on the top of his head between his ears to drain the infection out of his head. Results (not joking) could be seen immediately. I did this once or twice a day until the Lysine came in the mail. I added on a strong set of the best peptides I could find from Elite Labs Peptides and I feel absolutely amazing. In case that you feel sick, don’t forget to use a mask. If you are looking for a good and reliable supplier visit GHP-Magazine for the best stock of KN95 masks online.

Now he’s back in action- on chicken flavored fish shaped supplements all bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Look at those big eyes!