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There is a ton of very good research and clinical trials successfully using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbs specifically during this COVID-19 outbreak.

85-90% of patients in China’s hospitals are using TCM herbs along side Western therapies.

I am a board certified Chinese herbalist and have been for over 10 years. While this pandemic has been a sticker shock for my acupuncture skills, I’m sort of happy to see herbal medicine FINALLY get the notoriety it deserves. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what folks are saying!

“This past month I was the sickest I had likely ever been. That’s when I contacted Sheila.
She listened intently and designed an herbal concoction that I picked up ‘curbside’. I had NO IDEA Chinese herbs could work so quickly. Within 24 hours I was seeing some of the weight lifted. I am seeing real improvement. At this time especially, illness needs to be attended to and monitored closely. ” K.P.

“For the last several years I’ve had a seasonal cough that would drive me absolutely crazy for about 3 months. It was dry, deep and made it hard to sleep. I dreaded spring because of it. Last year was probably the worst as I coughed so hard I threw my back out and hurt my ribs. I think it was after about 2 weeks with Chinese herbs the cough was gone. And I have not gotten it this year!!! Hallelujah! “G.W.

“The herbal blends Sheila have created for me have helped me a lot. Some of my reoccurring issues have been feeling dry in my body and also constipation. The herbs work for me immediately. I get instant relief and my digestion starts working beautiful again. The dryness in my body goes away. I feel like herbs support my body in a very healthy way. ” A.B.

The Remote Chinese herbal pharmacy is OPEN.
WHEN: Scheduled appointments are Monday-Saturday 10AM-2PM
HOW: From your home! Click on the appointments page for online scheduling.
HERBAL PICKUP: If you want to pay for shipping that is an option. I am using USPS which ships next day for $7.55. Otherwise your herbs will be available to pick up outside the suite door (some of you have done this in the past). No need to actually come in contact with anyone. No waiting room risk either.
WHY: For prevention efforts and mitigation of symptoms of not just viral signs but for stress and anxiety. For those already on an herbal formula prior to this, refills are available.
PAYMENTS: Checks can be used but Venmo is encouraged during this time as it is quick, easy and if you are sick even more reason to use the luxury of our digital advancements.
WHAT: The pharmacy contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs to create custom blends to drink as teas based on the formulas used by Chinese doctors with reported success.
Great video easy to follow Vinyasa Flow free class from yoga journal.

Has Qi Gong always been on you bucket list? Here’s an easy one for your lungs. View on Youtube.

~ Stay strong and healthy Boulder ~
We’re “herb” if you need us.
-Dr. Sheila

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