5 Ingredients In Health Foods That Aren’t Healthy

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These 5 ingredients are in nearly all vegetarian/organic/healthy/all natural foods, ensuring you can’t trust that pretty packaging no matter how radiant the field is or how cute the animal is on the front.

So what are these weird ingredients we glaze over, skipping straight to the words like “wild blueberries” or “farm fresh” to which we then satisfactory shrug “looks good”?
And more importantly,
what do “Yeast Extract” and “George Clooney” have in common?

The answer’s below.

Yeast Extract

Why it’s used:

  • Flavor enhancer
  • Put in foods that might otherwise have a mild taste but they want you to derive that mouth watering.
What is it:
Handily, this is simply a pleasantly broad term form all sorts of yeasty things so that we, the consumers, are left basically in the dark. There are so many forms. You can turn over a new leaf and start eating healthy to feel better.
Perhaps you think “nutritional yeast” and how healthy and powerful you will feel for eating this frozen waffle. Or perhaps you gain images of the local baker doing yeast things with his fresh breads off the cobblestone street of France.
Well think again.
Think: free glutamate or glutamic acid, the basis of monosodium glutamate…AKA MSG.
Make sure to eat healthy food,
Depending on what you eat can affect your teeth structure periodically and its known by most of the dentist that specially when using dental veneers this can affect the formation process and slow it down.
Bottom Line:
MSG actually hides behind I-have-no-idea-how-many names for ingredients. To eat processed/frozen/vegetarian wanna be foods, is to eat MSG if you’re not careful. Just like George Clooney booking a hotel room, they have become so household name famous, they must travel under an alias. (High fructose corn syrup also goes incognito under pseudo names).
Please address your thank you cards to the FDA for this.
While few ppl have any immediate reactions, this ingredient enjoys a slow degradation to your gut walls. Your symptoms of inflammation, immune disorders etc may not show up for years. Eat enough of it (daily/ish, which isn’t hard to do here) and there are links to liver toxicity, weight gain, and auto-immune disorders.
Look for this in nearly anything frozen, esp. meat substitutes, actual meats packaged or prepared, canned foods, soups, but really anything where there’s flavor…which accounts for most FOOD.


Why it’s used:

  • Prevents separation of ingredients in liquid states in drinks or yogurts
  • Is in frozen foods to keep ingredients together

What is it:
Processed seaweed
Bottom line:
Research (and there’s actually a legit mounting of it here) is showing that this inflames the gut. People with Ulcerative Colitis or IBS should really be avoiding this. Studies are also linking this to colon cancer, ulcers, aggravating diabetes, and inflaming preexisting gut diseases. We all know that 75% of our immune system is housed in our gut, as well as major hormone and mood regulation receptors, so we don’t really comprehend the domino effect here. Peptides can help and have a lot of health benefits. Many people started taking it because it is really effective and it is affordable.An inflamed gut has a huge potential for creating system-wide ailments and peptides can really help something like this.
Look for it in nearly ALL milk sub drinks, (almond, soy etc), many soy products, ice creams, yogurts, even Greek types. Stoneyfield is reportedly removing it from their yogurts due to health concerns.
The Real Bottom Line:
This just robs anything healthy out of the healthy label. Skip it and read neighboring labels for ones that don’t have this, because you don’t need it. Really. I buy my almond/hemp/hippy milks w/o this iffy ingredient and guess what, you’d never know the many benefits you would have, so much that a is part of an ED Care therapy.


Why it’s used:

  •  It’s cheap
  • It’s sweet and lures consumers in to eat/buy more.
  • It’s not well understood by consumers so it can be snuck into foods as a sugar under the radar.
  • It browns well for baked goods: that all natural organic brownie now.looks.even.better.
What is it:
A sugar derived (read chemically processed) from starchy plants. Because it comes from plants, our trusty FDA claims it’s “all natural”, and you know how much I:
         A) Love the FDA
B) Execute a liberal dose of free range sarcasm
Bottom line:
Dextrose is a very simple sugar and creates intense sugar spikes. This is found in many “sports” stuff to “recover” and if it goes unused- it finds a little cozy nest in your fat, and if it wants more cushion, it creates more fat.
The Real Bottom Line:
Sugar spikes and weight gain. If you’re into this kind of thing, this is for you!


Why it’s used:
  •  It’s cheap
  •  Bulking/thickening agent in many foods/dressings
  •  It’s a filler- so you can sell less product with the illusion of more quantity.
  •  This is also used as a stabilizer and potency extender in drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Used in breweries for a hardier beer
What is it:
A simple sugar created from starchy plants that since isolated and modified, doubles as a texture enhancer or thickening agent. While the FDA enables labels to state “sugar free” with this ingredient, it is indeed (drum-roll) SUGAR.
Bottom line:
Because this is a sugar that’s hard for your body to identify and sort, it’s potentially pulling resources like vitamins and minerals to digest it, on top of creating sugar spikes as a simple sugar. It’s almost always from non GMO sources like corn or potatoes. Look for it in chips, salad dressings, drinks etc.
The Real Bottom Line:
Sugar spikes and weight gain. If you’re into this kind of thing, this is for you!

Soy Protein

Why it’s used:
  • Textured form can emulate meat foods
  • Dairy substitutes
  • Increasing protein counts in foods
  • Emulsify your foods to make them more “familiar”. Like a Halloween costume, totally fake, but it sure looks the part
What is it:
A naked and afraid soybean that’s been de-fatted, washed in either alcohol or water, and stripped of its born-given sugars and dietary fiber. This yields a soybean that has no nutrients, and is a difficult protein for your intestines to deal with. Put this down your rabbit hole and your stomach is confused.
Bottom line:
This is in A LOT of meat substitute foods but it’s also in breads, protein bars, anything where we are trying to “protein pack”.  But not all soy is created equal. And this soy does not do us any favors.
This is linked to allergies, thyroid disorders, weight gain and digestive issues.
The Real Bottom Line:
Get your proteins from more recognizable sources. Your digestion will thank you, as will your thyroid. You also might feel more energized. This is because if their is something wrong with your digestion your body might not be able to take full advantage of what you are eating, even if it is healthy food. In fact, in some cases, a person’s digestive system can be so off balance that it you need to take something like a Probiotic Formula for Adults and Children to give it the help it needs to get back to full working order. If you don’t feel right, perhaps a little weak, or varied foods seem to not sit well with you, you should consider looking into this. The solution is simple, but detection the issue may require a closer look.
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