This will be very simple!
The epicenter of this virus in Wuhan China has officially announced NO NEW CASES.
They are also closing up the hospitals they built exclusively for this outbreak due to the lack of cases.Doctors out of China have been advising the use of Chinese herbs stating that those who have best prevented or mitigated or gotten better quicker have used certain herbal remedies in addition to any other arsenal.

The Remote Chinese herbal pharmacy is OPEN.

WHEN: Scheduled appointments are 6 days a week Monday- Sat. 9AM-2PM
HOW: From your home! Email me at [email protected] to schedule either a call, Zoom or Facetime for up to 30 minute appointments.
HERBAL PICKUP: Your herbs will be available to pick up outside the suite door (some of you have done this in the past). No need to actually come in contact with anyone. No waiting room risk either.
WHY: Herbal medicine can be taken for prevention and mitigation for symptoms of not just viral signs but for stress and anxiety. For those already on an herbal formula prior to this, refills are available.
PAYMENTS: Checks can be used but Venmo is encouraged during this time as it is quick, easy and if you are sick even more reason to use the luxury of our digital advancements. So please pay wisely. For this time, the consult + fill fee is $25 and the herbal cost is always affordable as many of you know.
WHAT: The pharmacy contains herbs with documented anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents to create custom blends to drink as teas based on the formulas used by Chinese doctors with reported succes. Dietary consultation included as well. Lord knows we are all eating during this time so use food as medicine.
Don’t forget to set up an account under me for discounted vitamins and supplements to get delivered to your door.
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Here’s a blatant list of rec’s and concerns by herbalists for THIS virus:
Elderberry: Fantastic anti-viral for prevention and shortening the duration of things like the flu BUT take this to prevent but if/as soon as you start getting symptoms stop taking this. This applies to COVID only, not the flu. That said these days, simply stop taking this if you start getting lung symptoms. Elder can be too strong and cause an overreaction in the lungs making you sicker if you have COVID.
Vit C– This has been repeatedly said to be great to prevent and mitigate COVID. 1,000-3,000 a day.
Zinc– Shown to tamper COVID. 15-25 mg daily
Olive Leaf– A great anti-viral few know about. 1 Cap 1-2x daily
Lysine: Not only very potent for all herpes viral strains but is understood to help stave off most viral loads. 1,000-2,000 mg daily.
L-Theanine: Excellent to calm nerves and brain activity and promote sleep. Safe to take. Follow your bottles directions.
I strongly suggest these get taken separately, not in the form of powder packets with sugar.It appears the CDC kinda made an oopsie regarding their claims suggesting the uselessness of masks. They are now backtracking this but the trouble is we are low as we rely on China for supplies and our hospitals are running short. Just know that this is currently showing to be small droplets that last much longer in the air than previously thought. For those outdoor dare-devils- lower your risk of injuries because if you waltz in with a sprained ankle from climbing, you are burdening an already burdened healthcare system at the moment. I still work out of Good Sam Hospital in Lafayette and can share that all hospitals in CO have closed down all departments besides critical and acute essential care units because they and their resources are tapped right now.

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