It’s been a minute since I have written and after completing a doctorate in Chinese Medicine, caring for a dying loved one and a myriad of other epic life situations I have needed to retreat some and preferably not be online so much.

That said current times require me to zip to the point. I’m getting asked hourly about the coronvirus so here it goes. There are actually only a couple of key understandings I think are prudent when it comes to (y)our immunity.


For example. 100% of adults will test positive for herpes virus HH6. Nearly 100% of adults will test positive for 1 or both viral strains of mono. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU GOT SYMPTOMS. We are not “sick” from the flu or mono. We are “sick” when “launching a defense” from it. Not everybody does this all of the time. For those that launch a defense, eventually your body “handshakes” with the bug and creates antibodies for life which can show up in blood work for having had or never been exposed to that virus. Often times when we say “I never got that” or “I never had mono/flu” etc your body actually simply never launched a defense and it let that virus scoot by the bouncers in the club and merely created antibodies. If we tested your blood today for all kinds of bugs and cooties you WILL come up positive with things you never knew you had. Getting a cold or flu or not getting these for years not DOES NOT DETERMINE the state of health of your immunity for better or worse. It’s merely one aspect of many poisons, toxins, exogenous dangers, responses, detox pathways, gut health, lymph drainage abilities, and other complexites for us to remain above ground level. What does that mean?

IT MEANS YOU MAY BE A CARRIER AND POSITIVE AND PASSING THIS ON. Just because your bodies bouncers are asleep at the wheel or not intimidated does not mean the person who uses your shopping cart after you has the same performing bouncers or club Immune Function policies as you. We all play a vital part in this. Keep clean for your sisters, your massage therapist, your neighbor and so on.

WHEN WE HEAR THE FEAR TACTICS ABOUT THIS VIRUS “REACTIVATING” THIS IS COMMON IN VIRAL WORLDS. I won’t get into the details on this. It means we can’t “heal up” and think we can fetch a Coke and fries the same week again. Take your time to heal. We are in an intense world these days (stress). Slow it down, take some pointers in the graph below and take care.

The immune system is VERY complex. Genetic expressions can “turn on” or “off” and suddenly you have autoimmune, cancer, allergies, asthma etc and your bodies tipping points can be triggered from completely healthy one day to a whole new version of you the next from a virus, bacteria, pollution exposures, epic stress or trauma, chemical exposures, medications and so on. It helps to eat well and sleep well, but isn’t everything when we are all slowly slipping into a bit more of an immune-compromised state because ALL food (organic or not) is contaminated, ALL global air is getting more and more polluted. You get the idea here. We all need to treat ourselves and everyone and everything else with care. This virus is merely reflecting our global behaviors day-in and day-out. Every flu season does.

There is not much I am changing, why? Because every damn year I can only imagine what patients and the public are subjecting me to every day. I also know that many of them might not be symptomatic (inside share: my pet peeve is when people cough and want to tell me “I’m not contagious anymore so don’t worry.” Please stop saying this!… and see points above here for a wider understanding about symptoms and contagiousness). That said it’s not fear, it’s logic to merely assume anyone at any point in “flu season” is fair game to have the cooties and I’m always doing what I can not just for me (because I myself have not had a cold or flu in years either and I have worked in healthcare for over a decade) but for the people around me. If you do that too everyone stands a better chance. We just have to simply do our part. (Y)our most disgusting things are phones, keyboards, door handles, and your cars steering wheel. Those “in-between” used things in life are the exact innocuous means of viral transport- hence, wash thy hands. Go outside and get some no-sunscreen sunshine. Vit D rich sun rays are coming any day now here in our Earths spring rotation.

Dr. Sheila Liewald

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