Untethering From Your Trauma & Daily Stressors

What does that even mean? We classically think of trauma as something big- an accident, an assault or attack, but there truly is no limit to what trauma is for individuals. To some extent, we are chronically in a state of trauma daily. It comes in forms of having to pay the bills, fix the roof, interview for a job, hope your relatives doctor visit goes well, your relationship improves, or maybe you miss being in one. Daily, these are things we shrug off, but we house these struggles somewhere. For some that looks like holding our breathe in ways we are unaware, keeping tightness in areas we are not aware of- commonly the jaw, the ribcage, or the neck. In my years of experience, I’ve seen people with chronic insomnia, pain or other ailments get relief from acupuncture sessions. Often, when they are relaxing on the table, still, quiet, uninterrupted, there is unification that can happen between the psyche and the physical. Breath-work, acupuncture, and muscular releasing together place you into your present, reminding the body of the relaxed states it can safely be in. This work alone can deliver astounding results for chronic ailments like stress, insomnia, and pain.


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