Ankle Support

Ankles LOVE acupuncture! Some of my favorite things to treat are plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, breaks (yes broken bones get better quicker too!), heel spurs, sprains, and tears. And ITBands, but those aren’t your ankle.

From a simple roll of the ankle to a break, get your ankle poked properly to quicken your healing time. Both acupuncture and herbs demonstrate supporting rapid rehabilitation from injuries.



“I sprained my ankle when I was climbing at The Spot one night. It was the worst sprain I’ve had and the pain lasted a couple months. The pain eventually got better, but for the last year it wasn’t the same. If I sat on my foot a certain way it still caused pain, and it felt really stuck, with limited range of motion.

“I went to Red Aspen Acupuncture to see Sheila. She did two sessions on my ankle, and WOW. My ankle finally feels normal after a year. I didn’t even realize just how out-of-whack the ankle was until it finally felt better. And, Sheila was awesome! She made everything super comfortable and she definitely knows what she is doing!!

Given how amazingly helpful this acupuncture was on my ankle with Shiela, I just wish I would have gone to her immediately after the sprain. I am certain I wouldn’t have dealt with as much pain and it would have healed normally.”


“I fell hiking and tore 2 ligaments and was diagnosed with a 3rd degree ankle sprain. OUCH! I was in a cast for weeks and was in immense pain, discomfort, and had major atrophy and immense swelling. Thank goodness I found Sheila at Red Aspen Wellness a soon as I was put in a walking boot! She was so educated on the anatomy of my foot and ankle and was able to REALLY help me. She had so many wonderful tricks up her sleeve- from topical herbal remedies, e-stim attached to acupuncture needles (which felt amazing) and even a blood letting (not scary, I promise) technique that immediately helped with my swelling and discomfort, all while promoting new blood flow and healing. She took the time each session to hear how I was feeling and what specific treatment would serve me best that day. She also helped me keep my goal of hiking and no surgery top of mind and her magic hands, dedication and high skill level got me back to where I wanted to be. Thank you, Sheila!!!!””

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