• Find Us:  We are located at 2299 Pearl Street Suite# 205 on the north side of Pearl between Pearl and Spruce streets. Bow Tie Cafe and Iyengar Yoga are on the ground floor of the office building.
  • Parking: Is located in the lot of the office building and free. Use the 1 hour or unmarked spots anywhere in the lot. Spruce street also provides free all day parking.
  • Alternative Transport: The HOP bus stop is directly out front on Pearl and bike racks are found next to the front entrance.
  • Walkabouts: We are mere few blocks walking distance from Whole Foods, The Natural Grocer, Jets Esspressoria, downtown bricks walking mall, and the Boulder Creek Path.
  • Google Map: Here

Red Aspen Wellness

front of building


  • Individual Sessions: Red Aspen Wellness provides services by appointment only. With the exception of an initial visit which lasts about 1.5 hours, each visit is approximately one hour.
  • Group Sessions/Workshops: RAW has worked with several companies, introducing Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs as part of wellness programs or at office events. Should you want an acupuncture talk or demo for your company or event, please contact us for arrangements!

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Payment, Insurance & Gift Certificates

  • We accept cash and major credit cards.
  • HSA credit cards are accepted.
  • Payment is due upon treatment and we provide insurance superbills for any reimbursement your plan allows which has our provider number, coding and other relevant information for your insurance reimbursement.
  • We also provide gift certificates for that special person in your life who’s been keeping you up at night with the flu or chronically complaining about what hurts them. Relieve yourself by gifting them some relief! Pick up the certificate or we can mail them for you.

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • It is a good idea to eat something before your appointment. The work is subtle, but powerful, so it’s in your favor to not be hungry.
  • An insider tip will suggest you don’t brush your tongue a for couple of days before you see your acupuncturist! It helps us read what’s going on in your organ system.
  • Most points used are on the arms and legs, so loose fitting pants or shirts are optimal to hike up above the knee/elbow however draping and gowns are available just as they are for massage appointments. There’s a table warmer, blankets, and a heat lamp that keep everyone warm, cozy, and comfortable. For most people the hardest part is getting up to leave their acupuncture appointment because it’s so relaxing.
  • Superbills can be provided to you for health insurance reimbursement and HSA’s. Check your plan as almost all major insurance companies now honor acupuncture.

Free Consultations

  • New to Acupuncture or Our Office?  Contact us for a free 20 minute in-office or phone consultation to see how acupuncture can help you.

Cancellation Policy

  • Out of respect for the time the clinic carves out for you, please be aware that cancellations occurring
    within 24 hours of appointments may result in a missed fee of $55.
  • For repeat cancellations, missed visits, and/or reschedulings the clinic reserves the right to terminate
    any future treatments.
  • Because the clinic reserves at least one hour for each patient, if lateness is 20 minutes or more, it is
    considered a missed visit.

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