4 Natural Ways to Filter Your Home or Office for Healthy Air

Clean and fresh air is vital and yet both our outdoor air and indoor air are becoming an ever-growing issue. Humans are creating more and more chemical combinations in building materials, pillows, fabrics, carpets, even what we wear. What is even worse- we link odors as something “bad” and then we use chemicals like “air fresheners” to spray away the odors to make them seem like something fresh and clean.

Here’s 4 simple easy ways to make your air more hygienic.

  1. Plant leaves absorb gases through their leaves and roots. Soil microorganisms neutralize VOC’s. Phytoremediation is the use of plants to mitigate indoor or outdoor pollution, including VOC’s. For example, spider plants and rubber plants are easy to keep alive and are great companions to clean the air of formaldehyde which is a huge indoor pollution.
  2. If you have a gas stove-top always use your vent and even better, be sure it vents to the outside and not just out the front of a microwave (back into your airspace), which is commonly installed above the ranges. Gas stoves emit nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and formaldehyde (HCHO), and burners are estimated to add 25–33% to the week-averaged indoor NO2 concentrations during summer and 35–39% in winter.
  3. Opt for natural candles for scents- both in the wax and the elements creating the scent. Beeswax IS superior to soy. Beeswax produces negative ions when it burns which helps purify the air. Negative ion bind to pollutants, mold spores, pollen and so on and render them to be too heavy to travel around which means you inhale them less and they drop to the floor or countertop where you can clean them. If you have a paraffin or soy candle, they don’t do this. In fact most are infused with petroleum from the oil and gas industry, and even when not burning, fake smelling candles off-gas chemicals our bodies need to detox. They might smell good to us, but our bodies know the difference.
  4. Crack a window. Get that air exchanged anytime it’s possible. Even better if your architect was smart enough to design the building where occupants can get a slight cross-breeze.

Bonus! Air purifiers. These can remove dander, pollen, chemicals, pathogenic agents like bacteria or molds and more. Click to watch! https://redaspenwellness.com/product/getting-fresh-with-air-purifiers-video-pdf/